Eight months on church Island

After eight months of exile on church Island, I sometimes get to feeling like I'm on Patmos. I can see the mainland from here, but no free access. We are allowed to venture off the Island periodically for supplies. These excursions are brief but occasionally allow for some sightseeing. During these times, I try to photograph some of the world's pleasant scenes away from the Island. I then share them with my friends around the world via social media. I, in turn, receive photos from them of the things and events surrounding them.

Exile does have it's benefits. There is plenty of time for reading and writing. My wife and I have been reading the Bible daily and discussing what we read. I would dare say we have learned more about our God this year than we have in past years of daily reading. We do not have any place to rush off to allows more time for meditation on God's word. It has been a blessing.

God continually blesses us day after day. So we have learned to be content in our current situation. God is good!

P.S. the wildlife continues to become friendlier as the days go by.

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