Walking "church Island"

I was out walking "church island" this afternoon. Church Island is the name I've given the neighborhood where I live. I named it church Island because of the church building and parsonage being separate from the surrounding residential community. Located on the same parcel of land are a Methodist church, Baptist church, parsonage, a Luthern school, and the original farmhouse. It is like an Island because streets surround the area. A sea of pavement, if you will.

We moved here to work with the 16th Avenue church back at the very end of January 2020. Six weeks later, the COVID lockdown began in Illinois. Thus we started our time on church Island. The church building has been closed down for worship ever since. Our worship and Bible studies moved to Facebook, where we now meet virtually.

So socially, our little Island has been separated from the world around us. Living in a new place with minimal social contact has been very interesting. But we feel very blessed to be here.

God is at work through the online ministry, reaching people here in Sterling and worldwide as well. The virus has not stopped the Gospel message from going out. God is good!

We look forward to venturing out from our Island in the future. When things open up again, and we can join our new community.

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